Gridiron National Tournament 10u Champions

"Not too bad for a bunch of boys with pink jerseys, pick socks and mismatched helmets......."
The Vegas Battle Born football organization recently became the 10u Champions in the 2016 Nationals Gridiron Tournament.  The four day tournament which occured June 23rd- 26th, consisted of nearly 130 teams spread throughout different ages & divisions.  In the 10u division, there  were 18 teams all vying for the championship but only Vegas Battle Born was left standing.

We intend to defend this title and look to further showcase our team in future tournaments.  The Vegas Battle Born Organiztion would like to participate in the upcoming Georgia Gridiron Classic on August 12-14.  We desperately seek sponsors to help fund this endeavor by way of providing  airfare, room & board and transportation for this tournament.  We will also be holding food plate sales and car washes to help reach our goal.  Your sponsorship would also allow us to purchase much needed equipment and paying fees for our football team. Please visit our Gofundme account under the heading "Vegas Battle Born Fundraiser" or
Thank you so much! 

Our first game, versus the TC Bulldogs at EastLake High School in Chula Vista, Vegas Battle Born came out swinging and held back no punches as they cruised through the game with a victory of 40-0.

On the following day, Battle Born was challenged by a familiar foe in a hard fought game versus the perennial powerhouse & 2016 State Runner-up LV Cowboys at Bonita High School in Chula Vista, CA.  Battle Born scored first in this tight match and were leading until a turnover lead to a LV Cowboys touchdown to tie the game before the half ended.  In the second half, LV Cowboys scored again to take the lead but did not obtain the extra point.  During the last eight minutes, of the 4th quarter,  Battle Born compiled a long drive to score the tying touchdown and secured the extra point to claim the victory 14-13.

On the same day, Vegas Battle Born and the other remaining teams whom advanced to the semifinals had to play a second game to determine who would play in the championship game.  It was the Henderson Cowboys whom stood in Battle Born's way to the championship.  Although both teams were exhausted and both teams had played their third game in two days, Battle Born jogged their way into the championship by blanking the Henderson Cowboys 14-0 at Field #2 in Southwestern College.

Championship Sunday, Vegas Battle Born faced the Nevada State 10u Champions, the Henderson Bearcats in the main stadium at Southwestern College.  Battle Born attempted an onside kick on the first play of the game that was successful.  Battle Born scored the first and second touchdowns of this game until the Bearcats finally scored a touchdown and a successful 2 point kick to  make the score 13-8.  13-8 was the closest the Bearcats reached to sniffing the lead as Battle Born exploded by adding two more touchdowns before halftime with the score at 25-8.
Respecting the Bearcats champion spirit, Battle Born did not relinquish momentum during the second half of the game.  Battle Born scored three more touchdowns to run away with the game 45-8 and claiming the 10u National Championship!  Not too bad for a bunch of guys with pink jerseys, pink socks and mismatched helmets...................
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